Officer, Arrest That Dopehead

My Libertarian Argument
for The War on Drugs

  1. If drugs are legal, they will be taxed, which will provide more revenue for government. More revenue for government is a bad thing.
  2. If drugs are legal, they will be regulated, which will provide more jobs for bureaucrats — also a bad thing.
  3. If drugs are legal, Big Business will take it over and squeeze out the small entrepreneur, lobbying government to create regulatory “barriers to entry.” As an example, consider how legalized gambling has killed the floating crap game, backroom poker, and the numbers racket. Used to be, somebody who wanted to play the numbers just dealt with their neighborhood hoodlum. Now, they’re standing in front of me in line at the convenience store, buying lottery tickets. This is not “progress.”
  4. The black market for illegal drugs is one of the last bastions of genuinely free enterprise in which young poor people can become entrepreneurs. The ghetto homie hustling dime bags on the corner? That dude is a stone-cold capitalist, and yet “libertarian” intellectuals like Jeffrey Miron want to eliminate the only structure (i.e., illegality) under which ghetto dudes can practice unlicensed, unregulated, untaxed capitalism.
  5. The War on Drugs serves a valuable social purpose, by ensuring that lots of stupid people go to prison. There are some people so stupid that they don’t need to be on the street. And if you’re a dopehead who can’t outsmart a narc, that’s an intense kind of stupid.

Officer, Arrest That Dopehead.


2 thoughts on “Officer, Arrest That Dopehead

  1. A truly original take on this issue.

    Not sure that it’s sound, but its original . . . .wink

    Have you seen Rodney Balko’s work on Reason dot com about the War on Drugs and how it has militarized our police forces to the point that they are more militant than, well, the real military?

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