“First Amendment be Damned” says MSNBC

Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard and commentator on Fox News makes a good point and one well worth thinking about. Don’t get me wrong. I’m definitely not a fan of Kieth Olbermann. In fact, I despise the very air he breaths. But, if us Conservatives are all for the Constitution and the rights it entails, then we have to give those rights to people we might not necessarily agree with also. Kristol is also right when he says that Olbermann is not a ” News Journalist”. Olbermann is in the same line of work as Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Wolf Blitzer, ect. They are opinionated entertainers. They do for the news what Phil Donohue and Maury Povich do for the tabloids.

So, in a nutshell…give Kieth Olbermann back his job and let the marketplace decide if he keeps his show or not.

Keep Keith! | The Weekly Standard.

One thought on ““First Amendment be Damned” says MSNBC

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