6 thoughts on “Mystery Missle Launch?

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  2. Double, trident IC-4, launch from a sub…

    Yah gotta check yer hardware for time to time to make sure the firin’ pins are still sharp…!

    Gramps sends all the very best…

    • Exactly Mike,
      all the SeaSat guyes were commenting and questioning… on why there were two contrails, recorded…

      The first Tom Mike comes out a little cocked to the left and corrects the second one comes out of the “hole in the sea” the first one just vacated, perfectly straight…!

      two contrails, no sweat…perfect launches…!

  3. Change #1, after reviewing the video tape…
    The craft maintains a constant velocity and makes small changes in direction. A missile would be constantly accelerating during the start of its’ flight and would not be making small direction changes over short distances in flight.

    It’s the contrail of a jet aircraft.

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