It’s Started

Our warehouse

Brother and my daughter


Some of the crew

A bunch of Frasier Fir Christmas trees

Loading one of the trucks

We take care of 70 stores in South Florida. Black Friday is when it really hits the fan. Home Depots all over our area open at 5:00 AM Friday morning. Let the games begin.




7 thoughts on “It’s Started

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  2. I used to live in Michigan, and then in Miami. Those kinds of trees are grown in Michigan, and cost twice as much in Miami. Or more. Good old American entreprenurial spirit in action. Buy low, transport to where prices are higher, and sell high. I love it!

  3. Afraid these aren’t grown in Michigan John. They have to grow above a certain elevation, which is the mountains of Western North Carolina over to and including the area around Roan Mountain, which is close to Western Virginia below West Virginia.

    It’s gonna be assholes and elbows tomorrow and for the duration.


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