Half Way There…Whew

Well, we’re at least half way there. As of a couple of days ago, we had sold over 60,000 Frasier Fir Christmas trees. We’re at the half way mark now. But it aint downhill yet.


What it looked like a couple of days ago…We were “shittin’ bricks”. We’d never had that many trees in the warehouse before.

Not as many trees as before…but still too many

What it looked like yesterday before we got another couple more tractor trailer loads of fresh trees.

Your fearless blogger and one of my helpers.

Besides the money…Why we do what we do. 😉

7 thoughts on “Half Way There…Whew

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  2. Hey Mike…
    That’s absolutely, totally fabulous…!

    What are yah gonna do fer yer employees…?
    Are yah taken’ ’em all, to the Caribbean fer two weeks in the sun…

    My boss spreads the “joy” around…that’s another story…!

    Season’s Greetings, Mike…
    Gramps dah geezer sends…

  3. Gosh Mike…

    At the “wheel of the truck”…yer a lot younger than that picture of yer “olde,sorry golf swing”…!

    My thought might be…

    “Mike”… update yer avatar to the real bearded,honest,entrepreneur,guy … that you are in the darn,truck!

    Olde soldier sends…
    Jimbo dah geezer…
    I luv yah man…!

  4. If yer in the Tampa area…I’d like you to contact my entrepreneur daughter…

    She’s a “Class A” personality like you…
    Yah, you wouldn’t get along…?

    Are you married…?
    Perhaps only business…

    Email me…I’ll have her give yah, a call!

    • Sorry Gramps…happily married. 🙂

      I may look young in the picture, but feel old after over 30 years in construction. Plus, after slinging these Christmas trees around for the last month or so, I feel real old. Just anticipating our bonus week of golf in a month or so.


    • Hey Jake, Thanks for asking. I think we’re around the 106,000 to 108,000 mark sold. This next weekend will tell the tale. As of Monday, we have 123,000 total shipped trees in our market. So a little more to go.

      Last year, we had around 113,000 total shipped and we had a 98% sell through. It would be great to equal that again this year, but we’ve had an extraordinary amount of returns. And not all of them were worth re-working and putting back on the market.

      Perhaps when we’re done and I have more time, I might write an article explaining what we do.

      Hope everyone has a merry Christmas.


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