I Fought The Law and I Won!!!

Here is the continuing saga of my photo speed trap speeding ticket.

Well, I went to court today. It was a full house and more streaming in as the “arresting officer” started calling names to come up. This is before the Judge even showed up. He would ask them what they wanted to do, if they wanted a reduction in the ticket, a bench trial or a jury trial. All of them before me just asked for a reduction. When my name was called, He asked me what I wanted to do and I said I wanted a jury trial and that I would ask for a dismissal because I wasn’t driving. The officer looked at me and looked at the picture on the ticket. He asked me if I knew the driver and I said yes, but He didn’t ask for the driver’s name. He handed me back my copy of the ticket and said dismissed. I didn’t even have to see the judge and I won’t have to spend another $100 bucks to travel down there again.

It pays to assert your rights…..Mike

7 thoughts on “I Fought The Law and I Won!!!

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  2. Hey good stuff! Congrats. =)

    A little scary though the amount of power they are giving to police these days. When he dismissed it himself, that kind of shocked me. Oh well, good for you.

    • I think most of the people in there just wanted a reduction in the fine. So the officer was dropping the fine from $133 down to a 79 in a 70, which is an $81 fine. I reckon fifty bucks is fifty bucks. After he dismissed my case, I got out of there posthaste before he changed his mind. 😉

      I’m glad I didn’t have to try to bring up any State Law or Constitutional issues. By the way, there’s a class action lawsuit against the town because of the legality issues involved in “photo enforced speed traps.” In fact, there’s already been a precedent set for these kinds of law enforcement techniques in another state in the Midwest, I think. The town lost and had to give all the money collected in fines back. Read more here> http://wp.me/pTkxi-gl

    • I agree John. It cost me a C note to go down there and back plus about eleven hours of my time. But it was worth it to me. 😉

      A few years back, me and the wife also fought a federal ticket and won a dismissal on Constitutional grounds. That little adventure cost me a day’s wages plus the gas money, but again, it was worth it.

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