Illuminating Video (via NoOneOfAnyImport’s Blog)

Interesting and entertaining video. It’s a much watch.

It's called Changing Education Paradigms.  I found it via this article about college kids, which I found via Instapundit (as usual). The presentation really strikes a chord.  Certainly, my education paradigms have been shifting, and continuously so.  I've gone from, "Of course I'll home school," to "I can't tell this kid anything!  What?  British primary school starts at age four?  Signing up!" to "I can't wait to get back to the States where the … Read More

via NoOneOfAnyImport's Blog

2 thoughts on “Illuminating Video (via NoOneOfAnyImport’s Blog)

  1. Well if you’re not too enamored with the choices of Public education, there’s always a Christian Academy. Sometimes they have financial aid. There’s also charter schools, but not sure of Virginia has them.

    Thanks for the comment, Mike

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