Obamacare UnConstitutional and UnAmerican?… Yep!

Obamacare is Unconstitutional?…You don’t say. I could have told you that if only you’d asked. Then we could have saved all this trouble and think of the money we might’ve been able to spend on something else…like a highspeed train system or something.

In Case You Didn’t Notice, ObamaCare Is Both Unconstitutional and Un-American.

Update;    The Pirates Cove has the usual entertaining snark.

And the Lonely Conservative adds her bit of commentary to the mix.

7 thoughts on “Obamacare UnConstitutional and UnAmerican?… Yep!

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  2. Mon apologies…Mike…
    It’s a blizzard…


    Hey folks I’ll never forget that one! I think the Chicago total was around 24 inches in 1967…?

    I had just come back from Vietnam and was working at Zenith in North Lake making proximity fuses for Sidewinder missiles, because I had a Secret security clearance…

    They cleared all the shelves in the grocery store about a mile and 1/2 from my apartment. So I moseyed over to the American Legion Hall [I was there first Viet Vet member, was treated like a prince…!] to eat for two days; while they cleared the snow and restocked the grocery stores.

    People on the street were selling milk for $6/gallon, it was normally about $1.50, back then.

    Stock your fridges and pantry’s, today Monday…!

    Best regards, Jim and Jan…!

    • Dunno, maybe yer secret decoder ring has expired or something. No, really, I don’t know. I’ve looked into it, but can’t figure it out. Perhaps if you tried to reload it into the gravatar thingamabob.

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