No Conservatives in Academia…Shocked You Say?

Stacy over at ToM is shocked that Academia is chock full of Progressives and Leftists. And why should he be shocked. Anyone who has had any kind of college education, especially in Economics or Political Science should know that if you go into their classrooms or lecture halls with a differing opinion, you will be held up for ridicule and as a perfect example of why parents shouldn’t be in charge of their own children’s education.

John Dewey can probably rightly claim the title of Father of Modern Education. He was a firm believer in Fabianism/Socialism. He claimed to be a pragmatist. He was a tenured professor at Columbia University from 1904 until 1930. So he had a profound impact on the education of teachers. Dewey was a Democratic Socialist in his own words. He was a leader in the Progressive movement. So that’s why we’re where we are today.

One thought on “No Conservatives in Academia…Shocked You Say?

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