Key West, Here I come…Yeehaw

I’m leaving in the morning for our annual golf trip. This year, we’re going to Key West. It’s our bonus for the Christmas tree sales this year. (We had over 95% sell through on 127,000 trees shipped.) Why am I telling you all this? Well, that’s because for the next couple of weeks, my blogging will be on the light side. I’ll bring my compAdd Audiouter along just to keep up, though.

After a week in sunny Florida and a couple of days back home, We’re off to Seattle to pick up about 300,000 baby Christmas trees for transport back to WNC. That trip will take about a week. We’ll see a lot of country and maybe stop off at a casino on the way home. 😉 We’re also stopping off in Idaho to visit a dear Aunt and Uncle. Last year, we drove back via;



So y’all can expect me back in a couple of weeks. Y’all keep ’em straight out there. And do visit the fine folks on my blogroll.


Thanks, Mike

3 thoughts on “Key West, Here I come…Yeehaw

    • We will be swinging through Oregon, Jim. We usually come down from Seattle on I-5 until we can hit I-84. Our itinerary this year is to stop off in Greenleaf, Idaho, close to Nampa, to see our Aunt and Uncle for a couple of hours, then make our way back east. Where do you hail from?


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