Quit Feeding The Fat Assed Beast

From Film Ladd, he makes the case that Conservative media needs to abstain from giving Micheal Moore more press than is necessary. Let the Liberal media parade his fat ass all over their shows and on their blogs. I agree.

Dear Conservative Media,

Over the course of many years I have tried to explain to you that you need to stop feeding Michael Moore.

I understand the need to drive up hits. And writing a blog about the Fat One’s latest outrageously stupid comments or shenanigans is always a sure-fire way to get the faithful whipped up into a frothy frenzy.

But this is a short-sighted and harmful strategy in the cause of Liberty. It’s even counter productive. Sort of like tinkering with the books to make your stock look better to investors.

When you feed the Fat One, you only make him stronger. Read  more here>

More from TOM, who evidently likes to slop the pig.

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