Firefighters in OK May Shirk Their Duties?

The New Tone Deafness: Public Unions ‘McVeigh In’ With OKC Imagery.


Thugocracy in action. Public sector Unions want to bankrupt their communities. And they will use scare tactics to get their agenda through.


Gateway Pundit links a NewsOK story:

A state senator today blasted a firefighter union television advertisement as “horrific and tasteless” for using images of the Oklahoma City bombing to make a case against his bill.The advertisement by the International Association of Firefighters began airing today.

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The first line of the ad:

“Firefighters and paramedics are sworn to saving lives and protecting property.”Now, ‘protecting property’ could be construed to mean ‘protecting the value of the property’ without a lot of mental gymnastics. So how does that work, if the funding model for the union benefits bankrupts the community?
A public sector union is a mutiny, and merits all the affection afforded such.

Contrary to the title, I don’t think for one second that emergency workers would in any way give less than their best. But the ad being aired by the Union is an affront to firefighters, paramedics, and the citizens and property they protect.

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