Fred Phelps And Westboro Baptist Want to Give Liz Taylor a Special Send-Off

Fred Phelps And Westboro Baptist Predictably Tasteless In Remembering Liz Taylor.

These people have no class. They’re ignorant, blasphemes heathens and need to be tarred and feathered anywhere they show up.

Yes, the Westboro Baptist Church – the Kansas-based organization with a history of holding controversial and politically inflammatory protests – has announced that its members plan to picket the star’s funeral, according to reports.

TMZ reports that Margie Phelps, daughter of Westboro leader Fred Phelps, sounded off on Twitter Wednesday about the planned protest:

“RIP Elizabeth Taylor is in hell as sure as you’re reading this & getting mad as a wet hen. She should’ve obeyed God. Too late!”

And Smitty says;

Hey, Fred: if you want to follow Christ, I recommend you start by picketing precisely as many funerals as the Carpenter did.
Should those knuckleheads ever protest in Arlington, and I am home to do anything about it, I should like to muster a bunch of Christians for a flash choir to maybe breath a little love at these folks.
As for Liz: God rest the lady. I wasn’t a tremendous fan, but there’s no denying she was lovely.

She was a great actress…they don’t make them like that anymore.

5 thoughts on “Fred Phelps And Westboro Baptist Want to Give Liz Taylor a Special Send-Off

  1. She was a great “bedroom” actress…
    She was one “helluva babe”
    Beejeebus, eight marriages…
    That’s more than Larry King’s endured…

    Can you just imagine…
    All the “broken hearts” she left outside on the “side walks” of her life…?

    Hey, what can I say…those “Westboro wankers” they get off real funny on “Jesus’s” scriptures…

    There’s gotta be a special place in “hell” fer them folks…!

    H&K’s Mike…!

  2. Yah know Mike…
    That’s not on her “account”…

    That’s not on all the sorry “mother’s”…
    That died in battle with my sorry bony arse..!

    Lizzy was an actress…
    I luv her…

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