CBO says tax mileage…Huh?- The Hill’s Floor Action

CBO: Taxing mileage a ‘practical option’ for revenue enhancement – The Hill’s Floor Action.

Are they nukking futz? This is a ridiculous idea. We already pay enough taxes for road use as it is. In South Carolina where I live, we already pay over 37 cents a gallon in taxes. Can you imagine…can you imagine what the highways and surface roads will look like if the Fed institutes a toll booth style of metering system? It will be a flustercuck at best and an accident magnet at worst. Even with “flyby” electronic monitoring like they have at toll booths in Florida, ie. Sunpass, you still have to buy the device to put in your vehicle. Who’s the friggin’ pu

tz who came up with this idea…Oh yeah…a Liberal…nevermind.

My round trip to work and back is at the least, 80 miles a day and at worst, can be over 100 miles a day. And I/We don’t have the benefit of public transportation.

Update; Smitty has more over at TOM;

Well, I’m certain that Conrad himself is rich and connected enough to afford privacy.
The real deal is that the Senate no longer represents the interests of individual states, or their citizens. He, and the rest of that sorry lot, are looking at the Federal Ruling Elite Club, and figuring out what they have to do to squeeze more loot out of We The People to fund the Club. The velvet entitlement handcuffs both manage the votes and serve as a source of propaganda about how they are crafting the socialist Utopia. Beyond the propaganda, the country is a debt shambles.
So we need to tell the Conrad variations in every State to just get stuffed. Vote them out. Expose the truth that, even if they’ve taken a few phrases of the Constitution as a fig leaf to cover their lousy ideas, they have effectively urinated on the document and the graves of the Founders.

Update II; From Is This Blog On?, Carin has her say on the VMT;

Currently we pay – on average – 2 cents per mile. The Federal Highway Administration estimates the cost “for congestion caused by automobiles” to be 10 cents. Yea, sure.

Judging from the estimates of the costs of highway use, a system that charged for all such costs would have most if not all motorists paying substantially more than they do now – perhaps several times more.

Included in the “cost” of using a highway? Pavement damage, congestion, accidents, and noise. Noise. That costs what? Congestion? Exactly how do our taxes go to relieve congestion?

Oh right. High speed rail. I forgot.

How much do they hope to squeeze out of us with this VMT tax? $60-$90 Billion.

Pilot tests for mileage-bases user fees range from 5 to 50 cents per mile traveled.

50 cents per mile traveled.

That’s on top of the taxes you pay for gasoline (which is about .48 per gallon average).

The report explains that the tax could vary based on when and where you drive, which they’ll know because of the big brother GPS in your car. Twenty-mile drive through town during rush hour? That’s going to cost you $5. Twice a day, perhaps. Five days a week.

Ten mile trip to pick my son up from school? Twenty -cents – that’s $2 per day.

Trip to Costco? That’s 22 miles. About $5 each way.

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