If You Want To Get Your Feminist On

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a plethora of essays and articles on or about Feminism and it’s benefits/liabilities to modern civilization. I’m just going to list the links below. They are definitely must reads.

Stacey McCain over at TOM has this about skankiness

Roxeanne De Lucca has a rebuttal to all the haters at Ann Landers over at TCOTS

And this last round of Feminist bashing started because of an article by Jennifer Moses at the WSJ

And if you really want to get your Feminist on, check out TOM’s archives for the last couple of weeks, also Little Miss Atilla for everything you wanted to know about Feminism, but were afraid to ask.

4 thoughts on “If You Want To Get Your Feminist On

  1. Mike…
    Has “el Rushbo” left any comments on his “cute”…man tits…?

    He always…throws darts at his feminists, sisters in bras…

    Have you ever, noticed how “really loose” he wears his SIGNATURE, golfing, SHIRT, attire on his website…

    I’m thinkin’ Rush should get a “training bra”….!

  2. Exactly what is your fixation with Rush Limbaugh? I personally don’t give him a second thought. In fact, the only time I think about Limbaugh is when you comment disparagingly about his opinions or make comments about his past problem with pain killers or his appearance or whatever.

    There, now I’m done with thinking about Rush until the next time you bring him up again in a way that’s unrelated to the article you’re commenting on.

    But thanks for your comment none the less.


  3. Gimme a damn break Mike…!

    El Rushbo is always “hitting” on the feminists…
    They’re absolutely, possitivitally one his favorite targets…

    You have a daughter …how does she think this sorry, arse, misogynist relates to women…

    Hey Mike..?

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