‘My Little Fiefdom …’

‘My Little Realm …’.


Stacey slams Bill Keller of the NY times and says that Keller has made the Old Gray Lady irrelevant in this modern time as a purveyor of news and commentary. The Times has a liberal bias and is proud of that fact. Maybe that’s why more and more people are getting their unbiased news from other sources on the internet.

But it is none of those things, Mr. Keller. Indeed, it is the opposite of those things. The New York Times is close-minded, a credulous purveyor of the specific dogmas of organized liberalism, devoted to the credos of political correctness with the zeal of a fanatic, and narrowly provincial.

That’s not a mote in your eye, sir, it’s as much timber as might be found in a sequoyah forest. It blinds you to your failures, and if there were yet in your shriveled soul any remaining capacity for shame, you would have long ago resigned, never again to plague the world with pompous proclamations of your bona fides.

You have personally presided over the ruin of a once-great institution. These protestations of your good intentions serve only to remind readers of how the road to hell is proverbially paved. And what an epic folly you distill into a single ten-word sentence:

My little realm, the newsroom, consists of about 1,100 people.

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