Honey Do List…Endless Summer

For the last six years, we’ve been living on our property in our thirty-five foot recreational trailer. I’m not complaining…we decided that’s how we wanted to live. (We have this saying…whoever survives the killin’ gets to keep it.) Yes it’s crowded, but we’ve managed, even with our granddaughter living with us full time for four of those years. The trailer is a Dutchman Superslide with “bunkhouse.” About fourteen feet of the main living area slides out four feet so it’s not quite as crowded as it seems.

But in the last few months, I’ve been working on an addition to the trailer. I built a 16×20 three room cabin butting up to the trailer. It’s got a full bath, bedroom and living room with an annex that holds our side by side fridge, washer and dryer and also gives access to the trailer where the kitchen still is. I also built a 8×12 deck. Got to have a place for my gas grill ya know. All of these projects are partially completed.

I’ve still got to paint the ceilings and the walls in the bedroom and bath. I hate painting, in fact, I’d rather take a severe beating than paint. But I did build some wall cabinets, tall book shelf and corner entertainment center.

I’ve got about $100 bucks in these wall cabinets. They’re solid wood, no particle board. Wall cabinets at Lowes of comparable size with particle board boxes and oak face frames cost $158 bucks a piece. That would have been almost $500 bucks for three cabinets. And mine are better built.


I’ve also got about another hundred bucks in the entertainment center and book shelf combined. Can anyone see the mistake I made on the entertainment center?

But anyway, I’ve still got siding to put up and shingles to put on the roof. Thank goodness for that new Titanium roofing paper. It’s been on for six months and still no leaks.

6 thoughts on “Honey Do List…Endless Summer

    • Oops, I saw from a comment on another blog that you live in Idaho. That’s even farther than NY. Was just in Idaho at the end of February. Brother and I went through Lewiston on our way to Greenleaf to visit relatives. We were gonna go up to Moscow to visit an Uncle, but didn’t have an address or phone number for him. Maybe next year.


  1. Hi Mike,

    Really like your wall cabinet, it is exactly what I want for my living room. Any chance I could get hold of a copy of the plans, so I could replicate.

    Thank you.

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