New York Times Strikes Out Again

emNew York Times/em Tries Again.

Stacey McCain slams the Old Gray Lady yet again on their coverage of the Texas rape case of the eleven year old girl. The times story is an endless series of paragraphs where the pertinent facts are buried in the middle and near the end. McCain then gives the Times a tutorial on how the lede to the story should have been written;

Two suspects in the horrific gang-rape of an 11-year-old Texas girl were out on bond awaiting trial on other charges at the time, while a third suspect was on probation and a fourth has since been arrested for robbery.
Court documents show that four of the 19 rape suspects have records involving other felonies, including accusations of rape and manslaughter, and that a home where prosecutors say the girl was victimized was owned by a registered sex offender whose son and nephew are among those charged in the case.

Then Mr. McCain goes on to explain that journalism isn’t rocket science or brain surgery…speak for yourself Stacey…some of us are writing impaired.

Oh yeah…I’ll take some of that action;

Has the Times fired Bill Keller yet? Because I’ve got $20 that says Keller gets the axe before May 1. First-quarter losses will be reported in April, and the failure of their new online paywall should be evident PDQ.

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