The (Sex)ucation Of Our Kids

From Adrienne’s corner of the world, she comes up with the solution to our Education “problem.” Miss Adrienne also briefly touched on the Abercrombie & Fitch bikinis for pre-adolescent kids controversy.

Here’s the solution for all this nonsense.  Close that money pit called the department of education, completely privatize the schools, and while you’re at it – put the kids in simple uniforms so we don’t have to worry about little Betty coming to school looking like the class whore and little Bobby parading around with his underwear hanging out.

I agree 100 percent with her assessment.( I always thought Catholic girls looked kinda sexy with their white blouses and plaid skirts. 😉 ) Ever since the Dept. of Education was started or enacted by former President Jimmy Carter, our education system has been steadily going down hill. We can also thank all the teacher’s unions for some of this mess. A lot of teachers are more concerned about their pay and benefits than they are about the kids they’re teaching, as we saw in the fracas up in Madison, Wisconsin the last few weeks and in other states to come in the near future as states try and get their budgets under control.

2 thoughts on “The (Sex)ucation Of Our Kids

  1. I wore a black jumper with pleats on the bottom of the skirt over a white blouse. As soon as school was out we rolled the jumpers at the belt and the skirts got real, real short. And, yeah – we looked pretty dang sexy. Just ask the St.Thomas boys. 😉

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