How’s This For A Kick In The Ass…Gun Control

From Fleming and Hayes;

Only in the state of Massachusetts could “blaming the victim” be extended to burglaries.  Once again, the gun-grabbing fear mongers in charge of our state are looking to set a precedent that will no doubt have national implications.

If this case goes to trial and Stanley Sokolowski is convicted, there will now be case law on the books that other judges can cite: The common act of reloading your own ammunition and the possession of the needed (and Constitutionally protected) supplies will be akin to domestic terrorism.

The following email was sent to us by our good friend, and former candidate for Massachusetts State Auditor, Kamal Jain.

In January, a home in Lowell belonging to Stanley Sokolowski was broken into, his home firearms storage vault broken into, and all his stored firearms and other items stolen.  After the crime was reported, the Lowell Police Department filed charges against the victim!

The Lowell Police are not being forthcoming with information about how many guns have been recovered, though Stan’s assistance led to the arrest of the thief. In fact, the Lowell Police Department revoked Stan’s license to carry, and they had the Lowell Fire Department declare that the quantity of reloading supplies he had was over the legal limit without a special permit [the police had the fire department declare this, meaning it is at their discretion and whim], and they are now pressing charges of manufacturing and trafficking of explosives against Stan. This is patently untrue and unprovable, except perhaps the technical legal definition of “manufacturing”.

The firearms were kept in a home-built vault in the basement. Capt. Kelly Richardson said law-enforcement officials are investigating how the man’s basement was violated.

“It was very, very secure,” Richardson said. “Whoever broke into it had some time because it was so secure.”

Richardson said the gun owner refilled his own ammunition, some of which was stolen, and described him as “definitely a collector of firearms.”

The owner has a class A license from Massachusetts to carry firearms, which Lowell Police Superintendent Kenneth Lavallee immediately revoked, as well as a federal antique license.

The Lowell Police investigated Stanley and must have found that all his weapons were perfectly legal.  If not, then he would be staring down the barrel (pardon the pun) of weapons charges, instead of an obviously trumped up charge that reeks of, “well what can we charge him with?” (Mind you, he is the victim of home invasion and theft and, he didn’t have cocaine or a weaponized form of anthrax stolen, but Constitutionally-protected ammunition-which is arguably the one thing cops and the state cannot touch…)

To say that Massachusetts is hostile to legal gun owners is an understatement of unprecedented accord, and Stanley Sokolowski is going to need all the help he can get, for his sake and our own.

If you can help in anyway please contact Kamal Jain or at the very least share this article with your friends and email lists.

This situation is something I just wrote about in a previous article about whether or not you might be a “Domestic Terrorist.”

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