Unadulterated Crap or Keynesianism and the Economics of Envy

I read some of the other blogs that are talking about this story. Most of them are in lockstep agreement with Krugman. He must be shelling out some of that mind bending kool aid or something. I’ve never read such a bunch of unadulterated crap in my life…well I have, but not in the last few days. Stacey McCain has hit it square on the head…Krugman, etal. are envious because they’re not in that rarefied social circle.

Keynesianism and the Economics of Envy.

2 thoughts on “Unadulterated Crap or Keynesianism and the Economics of Envy

  1. Listen to who’s in lockstep. You liberal-hating and more specific Krugman-hating agenda is what accounts for your actually thinking you know better than a Nobel Prize winner.

    And the “unadulterated crap” is nothing new. Republicans philosophy helps the rich get richer. It’s pretty basic stuff.

  2. I used to be just like you, a liberal, but after growing up, changed my outlook. I’ve never been hired by a poor man, have you? Keynesian economics doesn’t work. After all, aren’t people in business to make money? Also, a Nobel Prize doesn’t automatically infer some “God-like” status on someone because they have one. Look at Al Gore and President Obama, both with “the prize” and both undeserving of it.


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