And On To “Important” News…Fraternity Hijinks

Ivy League Administration Reacts Quickly to Ivy League Sexual Harassment Charges.

Ya gotta love this administration. When you think it can’t get any worse…it does, imagine that.

“Because the budget is so last week,” Wombat snarked in sharing the headline this morning:

White House targets sexual assault on campus

Wombat and other readers can be forgiven for wondering why this issue suddenly popped to the top of the administration’s agenda. But then again, we can’t afford to send our kids to Yale University and don’t usually read the New York Times, which reported last week:

A group of 16 people who filed a Title IX complaint against Yale University last month said on Thursday that the federal Department of Education had launched an investigation to review Yale’s policies for dealing with sexual harassment and assault cases.
The group, which includes current and former students, noted an episode in October when they said members of the fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon marched around chanting misogynistic and sexually derogatory slogans.
On Thursday, the group said the school’s “inadequate response” failed to eliminate a “hostile sexual environment on campus,” which violated the federal gender-equity law Title IX.

See? Our nation’s elite do not spend $49,800 a year to send their daughters to a world-class university with the expectation that their girls will hear crude chants from the Dekes.

And of course, no article on Fraternity hijinks would be complete without a video out take from the quintisential Fraternity movie, “Animal House;”

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