Cleaning Up Pelosi’s Mess (Insert ’30 Pieces of Silver’ Joke Here)

Stacey McCain stayed up late last night so the rest of us wouldn’t have to. Here’s his take on the last minute deal struck between the White House and the GOP on the budget for the remainder of 2011. Oh yeah, this is just another temporary spending bill. Reckon we’re still trying to clean up Nancy Pelosi’s mess. TOM has a lot of updates and links to other important and not so important writers and bloggers. 



REPORT: Deal Struck, Averts Shutdown (Insert ’30 Pieces of Silver’ Joke Here).

One thought on “Cleaning Up Pelosi’s Mess (Insert ’30 Pieces of Silver’ Joke Here)

  1. It doesn’t matter how much we actually get out of the deal. Unless we get absolutely everything we want (something that isn’t going to happen unless we have a 100% TEA party majority in the House and Senate both) there will always be someone on our side who claims it wasn’t enough. I agree that we should do our best to get the best possible deal, but sometimes the best deal is one where certain compromises have to be made. Even the Founders had to compromise in order to get the declaration signed (Getting rid of the anti-slavery clause to bring the South on board).

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