Fleece’s Faves – Spectre edition (via Fleece Me)

Check out Fleece’s Faves every week where you’ll find out out about the men and equipment of our folks who serve American citizens in our Armed Forces. This week, Fleece writes about one of our venerable planes, the Spectre AC-130 gunship…awesome article.

Fleece's Faves - Spectre edition If one were to ask, "What is the most versatile aircraft in the history of flight?", there would be few, if any, varying answers.  The venerable C-130 cargo plane has been reconfigured in more variations than one could count, from the base "C" cargo model, to often unheard of variants like the EC-130H Compass Call or the C-130T "Fat Albert" that the … Read More

via Fleece Me

2 thoughts on “Fleece’s Faves – Spectre edition (via Fleece Me)

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