For A Supposedly Smart Guy, Krugman Is Such An Idiot

From Paul Krugman of the NYT via Memeorandum, we have his latest piece of fluff;

Style: I liked the way Obama made a case for government at the beginning. I liked the way he accused Republicans of pessimism, of abandoning a hopeful vision of America. Good that he went after the Ryan plan — and good that he went after the cruelty of that plan. If you ask me, too many percentages. Oh, and whichever speechwriter came up with “win the future” should be sent to count yurts in Outer Mongolia.

You should have your own reality show Krugman…call it Style In Politics. You start off with 10 candidates for political office and using four bi-partisan judges, you rate them on their style and approach to political speech making and down right lying. The winner at the end of the season receives 100,000 bucks for their war chest and an endorsement from you and the other panelists, regardless of political affiliation.

Substance: Much better than many of us feared. Hardly any Bowles-Simpson — yay!

What we need is a mixture of Bowles-Simpson and Paul Ryan, picking the best parts of both and going with it. Neither one is perfect, but they are a start.

The rest of the article is here>

I hope one of his commenters doesn’t mind if I repost his response to Krugman’s article. He said it much better than i could;

April 13th, 2011
2:56 pm
Let me quote shamelessly, to make sure that this is visible: “None of this changes the facts:(a) The unfunded liabilities of the United States government are far in excess of any ability to pay them. The liabilities MUST be cut; if that is “miserly”, fine, but this does not change the fact that cuts are inevitable. If PK succeeds in preventing Ryan’s cuts, then cuts will come as they are in Europe: through default. And this will be more than “miserly”.(b) No amount of increasing taxes “on the rich” can possibly bail us out; Do the math. There are not enough rich.(c) The only TAX-based solution is to adopt the model of the European social democracies (ESDs), which requires a VAT (value added tax) that hits everyone, and ends up having government control over 50% of the resources in an economy.(d) It is well established that the “ESD model” is unsustainable, and it is well understood why. Even though the US provided the ESDs for decades with their medical breakthroughs, their technology innovation, and their national defense, the ESDs are bankrupt.(e) The only REAL solution is to defeat “progressives” at the ballot box, and get government out of the way, so that the industry, imagination, and entrepreneurship of the American people can rescue … the American people. If this is “trickle down”, “privatization”, “Coolidge”, “Harding”, “Hoover”, “cruel” or any of the other hate words that PK uses to stroke his gullible acolytes, fine. It still remains the ONLY solution to the problem.PK has NOTHING to contribute. He lies when he denies (a). He lies when he denies (b). He freely admits that he wants (c). He lies when he denies (d). More power to him. As Upton Sinclair would point out, PK is paid well to deny reality. But unless more acolytes understand this, we have no chance.”
Note; Corrected one spelling mistake for ease of reading.

2 thoughts on “For A Supposedly Smart Guy, Krugman Is Such An Idiot

  1. Wow, props to Samuel, his rant is downright poetic. As far as the Krug Man goes, he is such a hack, I don’t understand why anyone gives him the time of day. Just like Al Gore or Jimmy Carter, they need to be more careful in whom they give a Nobel Prize – once peeps can tack that on their resume, you can never get rid of em.

  2. Yeah, I thought it was pretty good myself. I don’t know why I punish myself reading Krugman, but figure someone has to. 😉 It’s my weekly self-flagellation. ( Damn, I must be some kind of Sadist or something.)

    Thanks for your comment.


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