If You See His Lips Move, He’s Lying

From The Lonely Conservative, we have this article about “O” and his targeted message to some Junior College students at a “town hall” meeting in North Virginia. Why did “we” make an America hating, Islam loving, Progressive Leftist President of the United States? Maybe his enablers in the MSM are America haters too.

Listen to President Obama describe the country he’s supposed to be leading. Not only did he lie about the cause of a deadly bridge collapse, he totally trashed this great republic. He blathered about our second rate infrastructure, slow broadband and substandard airports. Of course, he said all of this to sell his plan to raise taxes. He’s so bereft of any serious ideas he’s reduced to blabbering about pot holes.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ctx9RoP6DA4“>

4 thoughts on “If You See His Lips Move, He’s Lying

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