5 thoughts on “Rule 5…Gals With Guns

    • These pictures are from movies shown on National TV. Nothing pornographic in them at all, unless you see the fact that these women are holding guns as porn.


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  2. Whenever a woman tries to look sexy someone comes along and calls it porno or soft porno–demeaning to women. I find that rather strange. If women were not sexy, men would most likely ignore them. If they are sexy, they’re demeaning other women and being pornographic. I suppose when the wife takes her clothes off she’s being sexy for her husband but therefore demeaning to women. The truth is, if we didn’t like sex there would be no specie propagation. Purists can’t have it both ways. Either women are part of our breeding stock or they are not. If they are not then all the sexy in the world would be meaningless. If they are then I say let them be sexy and may the best looking one win the day.

    Dr. Tickles—a realist who understands the meaning of ‘Increase and fill the world…’

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