Another Feminist Bites The Dust

From that master of “Feminazery”, we have this – Well, I’ll just call it a psychological evaluation of Amanda Marcotte by  Stacy McCain over at TOM;

Voila! By that simple trick, she acquires admirers cheering her on in her one-woman drama, Amanda Marcotte vs. the Forces of Right-Wing Evil. She is published at Slate, so that she might spread her particular psychological dysfunction, the Typhoid Mary of an epidemic of idiocy.

<a href="“>The fact that she is so habitually wrong is ignored by her admiring allies because, if they stopped to ponder the significance of her habitual wrongness, it might clue them into the inherent flaws of the ideology that they and Ms. Marcotte share.

And what is true of Ms. Marcotte is likewise true of the scoundrel she now endeavors to defend, Rep. Anthony Wiener.

Now that we know Weiner was engaged in a series of “online relationships” with different women, Tweeting his crotch photos hither and yon, to coeds and single moms and Vegas blackjack dealers, etc. — as I say, now that we know these things, don’t certain other aspects of Weiner’s political career appear in a new light?

Doesn’t Weiner’s fanatical 100% pro-abortion record make sense as an epiphenomenon of the deeper psycho-sexual syndrome at the root of his pseudo-”progressive” politics? And are we surprised that the deluded True Believers in that ideology gladly accept Ms. Marcotte as a spokeswoman for their cause?

Amanda Marcotte deserves Weiner in the same way that she deserved John Edwards: False heroes of a false politics, admired only by fools.

2 thoughts on “Another Feminist Bites The Dust

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  2. Thanks for this post and for directing me to that article, it was amazing. I’ve never really heard of Amanda Marcotte before because I usually steer away from and those sites like it. But Amanda is just a mirror image of so many others I’ve seen who call themselves “feminist” and yet endorse people like John Edwards and Anthony Weiner who exploit women and treat them like sex objects.

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