The #NewHampshire #GOP #Debate Live Blog

8:02…Introducing the candidates.

8:05; Herman Cain asked first question – good answer…lower taxes, repatriate corporate foreign taxes, ect.

(Live blogging is hard if you’re a two finger typer.)

So far, the number mistake, Romney, is talking about Obama and not talking about what he will do.

8:11; Gingrich talks about repealing sorbanes/oxley, Frank/Dodd bills.

8:12; Michelle Bachman says she has put her hat into the ring.

Ron Paul is talking about the Federal reserve and the economy.

Question on health care…what would each candidate do to repeal Obama care.

8:14; Michelle Bachman says her first issue as President will be to repeal Obama care…”Take it to the bank.”, in her words.

Romney says he will repeal HCR, will give fifty states a waiver.

Pawlenty stuttering over “Obamneycare” statement.

Gingrich on individual mandate…this campaign cannot just be about the Presidential election, but must also be about gaining control of the Senate and keeping control of the House.

Next questioner wants a balanced, non-partisan approach to government. Doesn’t want a tea party “take-over of the GOP.

Bachman…Tea Party is made up of disaffected Democratss, Independents and Republicans. Obama has a failing grade. We need everyone to come together.

Herman Cain…Work on the right problem, get the right people, get citizens involved instead of ignoring the citizens as Obama did.

Question…How do they propose getting manufacturing jobs back to the US.

Ron Paul…Need to get the Fed to quit printing money.

Pawlenty…Get the government off my back say business owners.

Bachman…We need to reduce US corporate tax rate. Pass the mother of all repeal bills. Get rid of the EPA.

Santorum…We’ve been outsourcing jobs…we need to give manufacturing companies a five year no taxes window.

Question…Federal right to work?

Pawlenty…Government should not tell people they need to belong to unions.

Gingrich…defund the NLRB

Cain…NLRB is killing our free market system.


So far, Ron Paul is blowing it. He needs to get off of monetary policy and answer the questions better. ( He’s right vis a vis monetary policy, but that’s not what people want to hear about.) Might be why he’s only been asked two questions.


Bachman..this or that…Elvis or Johnny Cash…both

question…government assistance to business enterprise

Ron Paul…Unconstitutional

Cain; supporter of tarp…We needed to do something drastic, but government picked winners and losers. Don’t believe in “too big to fail”

Romney on auto industry…government wasted billions of dollars…no bailout, let these companies go through bankruptcy.

Santorum…auto companies should have gone through bankruptcy.

Bachman…I fought against party on TARP.

Gingrich…question..what role should gov play in the space industry.

Take all the money we spent since Apollo, give to private industry, we would have had permanent station on the Moon

Pawlenty…partnership between gov and private sector on NASA

Question pawlenty on housing…Market is gonna have to adjust, Obama failed, get the economy going.

Paul…I would do much less much sooner…we need a correction…there he goes on monetary policy…we need to get the prices of housing down instead of as gov is doing, keeping prices up.

Cain on FDA…Gov should inspect food. On housing, it’s multiplicity of issues.

Romney on FEMA…need to let states and private industry take care of these issues.

BREAK…This or that…Gingrich…Dancing With The Stars or American Idol…American Idol…he lost my vote, as if he ever had it, LOL.


Question; How do they propose to keep Medicare solvent?

Paul…You would have put in $140,000, but will take out over $300,000. We have made people too dependent on Gov. We need competition…opt out of the system.

Pawlenty…people who’re near retirement should keep their retirement, but has plan to reform SS and Medicare.

Gingrich on Ryan’s plan. Supported Ryan’s plan. Need to convince citizens on your plan.

Santorum…Need to include seniors in controlling costs. Gov is going to start cutting Medicare in 2014.

Cain…we don’t need to slow down. We’re in the situation we’re in today because we need to restructure the programs. Personal retirement account for retirement instead of Soc Sec.

Okay, after an hour,. I give up…shin splints on my fingers.

Cain on Muslim controversy…Cain wouldn’t “be comfortable” with Muslim as member of his cabinet. Sharia law has no place in America. American laws for America. You have a personal interview and get a feel for the person. People should be dedicated to the Constitution.

Romney…Sharia law will never have a place in America. People in his administration will have dedication to the Constitution.

Gingrich…Loyalty test is a good thing.

BREAK…Cain…Deepdish or Thincrust…Deepdish…I knew I liked this guy.

So far, Cain is Winning…The wheels are coming off of Romney’s train.

Romney on BBQ…spicy or not…spicy

Bachman on same sex marriage…States issue…best way is for children to be raised by Mother and Father. Bachman…not the role of the President to interfere in states issues.

Pawlenty…against it.

Paul and Gingrich, Santorum…Constitutional amendment on marriage.

Gays in the military

Cain…should have kept DADT, but wouldn’t overturn Obama on this issue.

Paul…we shouldn’t have this debate on “Gay Rights”, but should be talking about all people’s rights.

Gingrich and BNachman…keep DADT

On Abortion…Bachman; I stand for life from conception until death

Romney…I would put forward pro-life choices for Supreme court.

Question on immigration…How would you keep illegal immigrants from using benefits?

Santorum; We need to promote legal immigration, don’t offer gov benefits to illegal immigrants.

Paul…We should think about protecting our borders instead of Iraq or Afghanistan. Gov. shouldn’t give benefits to illegals.

Cain…immigration is four problems…empower the states, give a path to citizenship, uphold immigration laws…shit, had a brain fart. Secure borders.

Eminent domain Romney goes off track, as usual.

Paul…we shouldn’t be using eminent domain to take private property and giving it to private business.

BREAK…Pawlenty…Coke or Pepsi…Coke…I’m a Pepsi man, so he lost my vote.

Foreign policy

Romney…we need to bring our troops home…thanks to veterans for what they do, based on conditions on the ground. We shouldn’t be fighting for freedom for other countries.

Paul…I am the CINC. I will bring our troops home. Our presence there is not making friends. I like this answer

Pawlenty…thanks to veterans…Terrorists killed over 3,000 people, would have killed more if they could.

Bachman on Libya…we shouldn’t be in Libya. Obama went against advise by Robert Gates.

Gingrich…we need to get out as quickly as is safe for our troops.

Cain…Make sure we understand the problem. If it’s not in vital interests of US, we don’t need to be there.

Question… Is there a candidate who would close down unnecessary bases overseas.

Santorum…we need those bases all over the world. Let allies know we have their back. Obama has turned his back on our friends.


Question…Should candidates pay attention to polls and public sentiment?

Cain…yes we should pay attention to polls and public opinion.

Pawlenty…who made the best choice for VP…Biden is an idiot, wanted to partition Iraq. Palin was a good choice.

Romney…anyone on the stage would be better President than Obama. Obama has no foreign policy.

Bachman…who would you choose…maybe we should have an “American Idol and let the people decide.

Paul…Let me look them over. They haven’t let me know how they think on the Fed Reserve yet.

Gingrich…once again, we prove how smart the folks in NH are.

Romney…blah blah blah.

Paul…we learned that we all are good people.

CNN actually had a fairly good debate scenario. All candidates had a fair amount of questions, all in all a good debate.

I will unequivocally say that Herman Cain came out ahead.

Update; The Lonely Conservative has a video of the debate in case you missed it.

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