States That Require Photo ID to Vote Are #Raaaaacist!

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From E.J. Dionne, Jr. of the Washington Post, another paper people use to line the bottoms of their bird cages, we have this little diatribe against voter ID laws being legislated in many states. Mr. Dionne claims it’s a Republican plot to return the US to the Jim Crow era. Here’s a bit of his screed;

An attack on the right to vote is underway across the country through laws designed to make it more difficult to cast a ballot. If this were happening in an emerging democracy, we’d condemn it as election-rigging. But it’s happening here, so there’s barely a whimper.The laws are being passed in the name of preventing “voter fraud.” But study after study has shown that fraud by voters is not a major problem — and is less of a problem than how hard many states make it for people to vote in the first place. Some of the new laws, notably those limiting the number of days for early voting, have little plausible connection to battling fraud.

These statutes are not neutral. Their greatest impact will be to reduce turnout among African Americans, Latinos and the young. It is no accident that these groups were key to Barack Obama’s victory in 2008 — or that the laws in question are being enacted in states where Republicans control state governments.
All this to say that because states are passing legislation that requires people to have some form of ID before they can vote is somehow considered “racist.” As one of the commenter s at Ann Althouse via Instapundit said;

Apparently, some Democrats are dumb as posts, never buy cigarettes or liquor, cannot drive cars, are illiterate, do not get student loans, Medicare or Medicaid, do not have Social Security numbers, do not have credit cards nor write checks, and have never filled out any government paperwork before.

So I see his concern.

As long as I can remember, I’ve had to show a photo ID before I could cast my vote with the exception of when I was serving overseas and cast an absentee ballot. That’s how the folks at the polls know you’re who you say you are and are eligible to vote.

E.J. Dionne, Jr., just another Progressive Liberal hack who has overdrawn his “race card.”

Via Twitter, Moe Lane of Redstate has some choice words for Mr. Dionne;

While whining about voter ID laws in Texas (and other states), Dionne wrote this sentence:

In Texas, for example, the law allows concealed handgun licenses to work as identification, but not student IDs.

Here, real quick: go find your old student ID.  Is there an address on it?  The answer is probably “no:” colleges don’t like to put anything on those things that would require them to be reissued every year.  College students – particularly ones that live on-campus – simply move around too much over the course of their time in school; and keeping track of a student’s current address is frankly not the school’s problem*. So you can expect name, picture, signature, and a bar code; some schools include date of birth, and other schools care more about cutting down on students drinking.  And that level of ‘identification’ is useless for verifying identity and establishing residency.  So, until there’s an established standard for student IDs that is actually useful for Voter ID purposes, get used to student IDs not being accepted.

The Texas CCW license, on the other hand, gives name, picture, physical description, date of birth, current address, and unique identification number; to get one you need (among other things) a Social Security number, a driver’s license, employment and residential history, a working email, and a major credit card.  In other words, it’s a great way to establish somebody’s identity and residency.  Which is why it was included in the final version of the Texas Voter ID bill.

Interestingly, Dionne didn’t really go into that – or what you can use to establish identity and residency in Texas in order to vote.  Here’s the list:

  • Driver’s license
  • State ID card**
  • Military ID
  • Concealed handgun license
  • Passport
  • Citizenship ID

But that’s a much less scary list than the ‘evil gun-owners versus disenfranchised students’ one that Dionne was peddling, which is probably why he didn’t use it.

Update; The Pirate’s Cove also has some choice words for E.J. Dionne;

Got that? One Man one vote is somehow anti-democratic……well, yeah, because if Democrats have to actually show an ID to vote, they won’t be able to get dead people, illegal aliens, and foreigners to vote Democratic Party, as well as having Democrats vote more than once. I remember back in 2008, receiving a new voter ID card from the Wake County Board of Elections. Except, it wasn’t addressed to me. Didn’t have my name on it. Was a woman’s name. Black. Democrat. Lived in Charlotte, NC. I know the last because the voter rolls showed her as registered in Mecklenburg County. It would have been easy to vote in Charlotte, then drive to Raleigh. Obviously, I reported this to the Elections Board, who, well, did something.

Update II; Smitty over at TOM has thrown his two cents in with a righteous fisking of E.J. Dionne’s article. It’s a wonder to behold, watching a master at work in the art of the fisk. You’ll just have to mosey on over and read it. I would do it an injustice if I even pasted just a bit of it here>

Update III; From Bob over at TCOTS, we have a proper introduction to Smitty’s piece above. Bob is also a master fisker in his own right. Here’s some of his prose;

It’s a Monday. It’s hot where I live and work [never confuse the two]. I was feeling sluggish, especially after wolfing down my two TV Dinner lunches [hey, I’m a growing middle-age boy!] – dragging my sorry arse around – when I received a Jolt-Cola-topped-with-coke-induced surge of much needed energy. A bit of Fisking does that for me, most especially when it is delivered by one of the masters: Smitty, Admiral Of The Afghan Seas.

In his latest Fisk-de-jure, the Oberbloggenführer takes on the always snarky, the always pungent, the always wrong E.J. Dionne, who is that kind of twisted, mutated logic Bolshes like to employ with reckless abandon, claims that we on the Right [led by the evil VRWC, no doubt, and the foul Koch Brothers] are planning to steal the election through passing state laws that require voters to recite William F. Buckley quotes before they’ll be allowed to vote. Okay, the requirement I listed is a joke, but so is Dionne’s fear that the 2012 Elections will be stolen because many states will now require that people show – OMFG! – some form of identification [run from the room screaming, like your hair’s on fire!].

And Bob finishes off his post with this;

Dionne’s lucky that Smitty just Fisked his sorry rat bastard arse and didn’t lob a ICBM up his yazoo. Admirable restraint.

Please do take the time to click here to enjoy the rest of this afternoon delight/pick-me-up.

6 thoughts on “States That Require Photo ID to Vote Are #Raaaaacist!

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  3. This makes me so angry. I was just talking about this today. When you go to DMV to get your I.D., they plainly ask you if you want to register to vote. Not only that, but this is old news. I have voted in every election since I turned 18, and I have been ID’ed and asked questions at every poll before I was even handed a ballot. People are so quick to throw the race card, but if they were to open their eyes, they would see that (most) people are too worried about their economic situation to care about the racial side of issues. Let’s let everyone with I.D. vote, and get someone in office that will put Americans back to work. Period.

  4. I’ve always had to show ID also. I’ve also voted in every election since I was eighteen, (40 years) except one and they removed me from the rolls because I missed one election, I had to register all over again, pissed me off.

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