The Conservatory, A Conservative Commune…Huh?

We have a new addition to our blogroll, The Conservatory, a partnership between two icons of the blogosphere, Dan Collins of POWIP and Joy McCann of Little Miss Attila fame. Here’s a bit of their introduction this morning;

First off, thanks for dropping by to have a look.  We hope you’ll become a regular.

If you log in to Disqus to comment, you’ll be registered here.  We’re going to put a registration field in the sidebar, but for now that’s how it’s done.  You need to log in, for instance, to put up a classified ad.

Under “Teh Commune,” you’ll find pages for various aspects of Symposium, which is a program that allows blog users to send each other mail, post forum topics, chat and more.  It’s running very slowly, and we’re debugging it.

To bootstrap the operation, we’re offering a couple of advertising deals.  If you advertise with us on the front page, banner style, your cost if you place your ad in June is $150 for 3 months. Here are some of the other sizes we can run, and a 336 x 280 ad in “Read, Listen, Watch” is also on sale for the same $150/quarter rate.

A three-month classified ad is $10. Mind you, under paid classifieds we’re talking about commercial ads; those categories that would usually be free in print and online publications are free here. So if you want to place a personals ad, or offer or request a ride to some event, or you’d like to make a public announcement for some nonprofit purpose, or if you would like to offer your services on a freelance basis, those are all free. Posting a job, on the other hand, or a property for sale, is $10 for three months at present.  All free ads are for a month, but you may request that they be extended.

You’ll find a great series of articles and commentary to ruminate over with your morning coffee…or your afternoon toddy. I prefer beer or Jaegermeister, but Bob Belvedere of TCOTS prefers Maker’s Mark. I don’t know what Smitty drinks, but my guess would be an ice cold brewski, him being a Navy man and all.

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