Southerners Don’t Have Skills To Build Boeing Dreamliner

Boeing and the Myth of ‘Skills’.

Thomas Geoghegan, you ignorant slut. How dare you imply that us Southron Folks are in any way inferior to the fine folks of Washington State? I’ve been to Washington State, Seattle as a matter of fact, and I’ve seen just as much ignorance there as I’ve seen anywhere. To imply that we in the South don’t have the skills to build the Boeing Dreamliner is ludicrous at best and slanderous at worst. You don’t want to piss a Southern man off – we’ll go all redneck on your ass. Here’s a blurb of the mush served up by Geoghegan from TOM;

Why is Boeing, one of our few real global champions in beefing up exports, moving work on the Dreamliner from a high-skill work force ($28 an hour on average) to a much lower-wage work force ($14 an hour starting wage)? Nothing could be a bigger threat to the economic security of this country.
We should be aghast that Boeing is sending a big fat market signal that it wants a less-skilled, lower-quality work force. . . .
We depend on Boeing to out-compete Airbus, its European rival. But when major firms move South, it is usually a harbinger of quality decline.

And Stacy finishes it off with this;

Read the whole thing, but I must warn you that the argument is fact-deficient and frankly prejudiced against the South — and yet further proof that law schools are a lousy place to learn economics.

Actually Geoghegan, why don’t you ask the folks at BMW if us Southerners have the skills to build a high quality product? Besides, Boeing is going to send people down to Charleston to train the new employees and probably send some of the people from South Carolina up to Seattle to receive training. As I stated above Geoghegan, you’re ignorance is showing.

Update; From J.E. Dyer at Hot Air, he really goes the extra mile and gives all kinds of examples of South Carolina manufacturing companies who have benefited from the skilled Southern worker;

… because of [our] trade deficit, foreign creditors have the country in their clutches. That’s not because of our labor costs … It’s because we have too many poorly educated and low-skilled workers that are simply unable to compete.

And Boeing wants to turn the manufacture of airplanes – airplanes! – over to these poorly educated, low-skilled workers in South Carolina.

Here’s a weird fact, though.  There is already a plant manufacturing rear-fuselage elements for Boeing in South Carolina.  (The Dreamliner final-assembly plant that opened 10 June is located next to it.)  South Carolina also has a BMW plant, a Honda plant, a Bosch plant, a Caterpillar plant, an American LaFrance plant (fire engines and ambulances), and a Daimler plant, all employing highly-skilled labor to manufacture big, intricate stuff that has to work.  That’s in addition to the Milliken, BASF, GE, Core, Bose, BP, DAK, DuPont, Eastman, Mitsubishi, Albemarle, MeadWestvaco, PhilChem, Roche, Mount Vernon Mills, Invista, Metromont, Johns Manville, Alcoa, Kimberly-Clark, Shaw, Jarrett, Mohawk, Anderson, AccuTrex, Sonoco, and Cox Industries plants – and those are just the ones I recognized by industry as I looked through the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance website.  I left out a bunch of other ones.

Should I go on?  If Southern manufacturing workers are a national liability, we’re in big trouble.  All those aircraft engines being mishandled at the Pratt & Whitney plant in Georgia.  Shoddy VWs and Nissans coming out of Tennessee, Hyundai clunkers being puked out of Alabama, lousy Kias flooding the market from Georgia, Toyota risking its customers on the gap-toothed th’owbacks who show up with employment applications in Mississippi.

3 thoughts on “Southerners Don’t Have Skills To Build Boeing Dreamliner

  1. This is all about the unions and they don’t care if what they say are outright lies. I hope that Boeing sticks to its guns. I used to support the unions….many many many years ago, but I would like nothing more than to see them broken, or at the very least, weakened to the point that they can no longer have a hold on our government.

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