Deciphering Obama – does it even matter? (via Spellchek)

An excellent essay on why it doesn’t matter if we can give all the reasons not to re-elect Obama in the next election. The GOP hasn’t really put forth a candidate that the majority of Conservatives can get behind. It boils down to; Do we want to make the changes necessary now when the pain will be a little less, or do we want to prolong the inevitable and suffer the consequences down the road. Here’s the money line;

You can’t experience the rewards of capitalism and the opportunities it provides without the risk of failure present. That’s the check and balance to keep the free market honest.

Which scenario is worse? A clueless POTUS with no idea how to formulate effective policy or an ideologue with no regard for policy outcome? I suspect that Obama can fit the profile of several variants when it comes to policy, none of them any good. Perhaps the larger question is does it even matter? I've been listening to a variety of pundits opine on the direction Obama is taking and those seem to be the two main theories. Is Obama just the gene … Read More

via Spellchek

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