Union Taxes Teachers $10 for Obama Campaign (via Phoebe’s Detention Room)

The video didn’t say if the teachers had a choice to opt out of the tax donation or if it was a requirement for union membership.

If I was a Conservative teacher in the union, I’d be raising hell with the NEA right now. I would just have to initiate a class action law suit against the union. That is going a bit too far in my estimation.

Jul 7, 2011 – 4:37 – Teacher Danny Kofke discusses the NEA’s decision to contribute $32 million to the president’s re-election campaign. Video at … http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/1041566501001/union-taxes-teachers-10-for-obama-campaign/?intcmp=obnetworkRead More

via Phoebe's Detention Room

2 thoughts on “Union Taxes Teachers $10 for Obama Campaign (via Phoebe’s Detention Room)

  1. This is typical here in Venezuela. Chavez took it a big step further. if you are part of the gigantic government bureaucracy, you are an employee of his regime, the fore, you are required to contribute regularly to his Party if you want to keep your job. I’m sure Obama is paying attention to this novel idea.

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