But I’m Already Home, John Hawkins UPDATED (via NoOneOfAnyImport)

A Very Important Blogger takes a “friendly Jab at John Hawkins. You know, the guy who told us that the Conservative blogosphere was on it’s downhill slide. A lot he knows, huh?

Oh, okay.  I’ll bite. “The Slow, Painful Coming Death of the Independent, Conservative Blogosphere” has made quite the ripple effect on the blogosphere.  If the point of that article was to increase page views, Mr. Hawkins did a great job. If the point was to warn folks that it’s really really hard to make some decent jack as an unknown, independent conservative blogger, then Mr. Hawkins did a great job . . . stating the obvious. If the point was … Read More

via NoOneOfAnyImport

Stacy McCain has his own take on John Hawkin’s recent screed, but is busy with the conflagration in Norway.


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