Obama On TV…Again

What Happened to ‘No Drama Obama’?.

Stacy complains about Obama being on TV…again. That guy has more face time with the American public than Jay Leno or David Letterman. Anyway Stacy, there’s something to be said about that little button that spells…O..F..F.

Turned the TV on this afternoon to try to get some news about the Olso terrorism attacks and instead, I get a hectoring and angry President Obama.

It appears that House Speaker John Boehner has found his spine and isn’t going to be bullied into raising taxes, and this has driven the president into paroxyms of inchoate rage.

To quote Don Surber: ”Washington has more Drama Queens than a Barney Frank luau on Fire Island.” And Obama’s the biggest queen of them all.

No more interrupting the actual news with your selfish hissy fits, Mr. President. There is nothing in the Constitution that requires Congress to ask “how high” when you say “jump.”

Get off my TV!

Remember Stacy…the OFF button.

2 thoughts on “Obama On TV…Again

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