Death Toll Now Reported at 91 in Norway ‘Christian Fundamentalist’ Terror Attack UPDATE: Video Added; Gunman Posed as Policeman and Boasted, ‘I’ll Kill You All’

Death Toll Now Reported at 91 in Norway ‘Christian Fundamentalist’ Terror Attack UPDATE: Video Added; Gunman Posed as Policeman and Boasted, ‘I’ll Kill You All’.


As Stacy McCain alluded to in this article and his previous posting on the tragedy in Norway, it pays to wait for the facts. But he was also correct in his, as well as other bloggers and media types’ assumption, that this attack had  the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda written all over it. I made the same mistake and jumped on the “blame Al-Qaeda” bandwagon, as well. Following is a short snippet of McCain’s article;

Now that I’ve got you up-to-date on the latest news, while we wait to learn the identities of the victims and everyone is still absorbing the horror of this atrocity, let me turn aside to address some of the political blowback.

By the time I got on this story yesterday, Michelle Malkin had already been blogging it for an hour. Early on, she had provided background on Norway’s Muslim immigrant population and ongoing deportation proceedings against a radical Kurdish cleric, Mullah Krekar. As she also noted, Malkin got blowback on Twitter from somebody at the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, who suggested Malkin was “jumping to conclusions.”

Look, this had all the hallmarks of an al-Qaeda operation, especially the fact of the seemingly simultaneous attacks: the bomb (or bombs) in downtown Oslo and the shootings at the Utoya youth camp. The African embassy bombings, the 9/11 attacks, the attacks in London and Spain — over and over we’ve seen how al-Qaeda likes to stage multiple terror strikes simultaneously. It’s like their trademark.

Several mainstream news organizations were reporting some of the same background facts that Malkin included in her post, and also noting Norway’s NATO troop deployment to Aghanistan. These news organizations included those facts for the same reason that Malkin did — because the Norwegian attack seemed to fit a well-established pattern of radical Islamic terror attacks in Europe.

And it is important to note the obverse: There had been no similar pattern of right-wing “Christian fundamentalist” terror attacks in Europe. In fact, so far as I know, yesterday’s attack was the first incident of its kind — an absolutely unique and unprecedented event.


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