The Left Likes Them Some Mass Murderers

Via Donald Douglas, Melanie Phillips has a few words for the left on there “millenarianism”, what ever that is.I think it means the left is batshit crazy. Miss Phillips was one of the Conservative writers who was listed in the “catalog” of the writers Anders Breivik had supposedly read. Here’s a snippet of her fine essay;

In the wake of the Norway atrocity and the reaction it has generated, I have been thinking some more about hatred, fanaticism and moral confusion.

This shouldn’t need saying, but it does: there can be no excuse, justification or rationale whatsoever for the atrocity perpetrated by Anders Behring Breivik. The reason it unfortunately needs saying is that I have been reading too many weaselly equivocations about this, along the lines of ‘Yes, it was indeed a most terrible atrocity and one’s heart bleeds for those poor victims; but Norway’s politics towards Israel do stink/Norway’s Labour Party stinks/Quisling’s country, say no more/the Islamisation of Europe stinks/it was only a matter of time before someone was provoked by the railroading of public opinion into doing something like this’.

No, no, no! Any variety of such ‘yes-buttery’ inescapably makes some kind of excuse for the atrocity, however dressed up it may be in suitably pious expressions of horror. There is never any justification for mass murder. None. Read more here>

2 thoughts on “The Left Likes Them Some Mass Murderers

  1. Thanks for the link. I think we’ve pretty much got the best analysis on this guy, between Bret Stephens and Melanie Phillips, I’d be surprised to find a more accurate depiction of pure evil.

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