The F#@ked Up Mess In Washington D.C.

Hey, the Republicans in the House of Representatives are doing their job. They have passed two pieces of legislation regarding the debt ceiling limit, as well as a 2011 budget. Obama and the Dhimmitudinous Democrats in the Senate have vetoed or voted down all the fiscal legislation passed by the house. Obama and the Democrats aren’t doing their jobs, even though they’re still collecting taxpayer funded paychecks. What’s wrong with this picture?

Stacy McCain has some thoughts on this mess here with video of Obama’s weekend address and here where he gives reasons why the blame can be laid directly at Senator Harry Reid’s feet. God forbid that faggot school marm looking son of a bitch should do his freaking job.

The Lonely Conservative says it’s the “theater of the absurd” as Harry Reid fillibusters his own bill…what a putz, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Talk about the theater of the absurd. As expected, after the latest bill to deal with the debt ceiling passed the House, it was quickly tabled in the Senate. That means it’s not going anywhere. So the Senate is taking up Harry Reid’s rotten bill that will “deem” budgets passed, since the Democrats are afraid to pass a budget and let the voters figure our their priorities.

I deem Harry Reid’s a douche bag.

To make matters worse, now Harry Reid is delaying a vote on his own bill. That’s right, he’s demanding a filibuster of his own legislation. What a swine!

William Teach is flabbergasted at the goings on over this debacle debate;

There’s an old saying: respect the office, if not the man. But, what if the man uses the office to make the presidency as much of a joke as he is himself? Anyhow, Obama has used his perch to complain like a 5 year old who isn’t allowed to have a cookie before doing his homework

Just days ahead of the Aug. 2 debt ceiling deadline and as partisan rankling continued on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama urged Congress to show him a plan that would divert the country from national default by Tuesday.

Huh what? Why not offer one up yourself?

The Dims aint got shit. If they did, they’d be trumpeting it from the roof of the Capital building.

In the weekly address to the nation DNC, the president maintained that House Republicans had wasted too much time passing a bill that doesn’t offer a long-term solution to the debt crisis.

In other words, one that doesn’t get him beyond the 2012 elections.


So, yet again, President Snippy Pants uses his perch to insult a group of Americans by saying that their hardcore political belief that tax increases are a Bad Idea is the same as his own knee jerk reaction to whine when he doesn’t get his own way. It’s rather hard to respect the office when Obama has worked hard to make it the same as some tin pot incompetent third world dictators office.

And, if the power is “in our hands”, why doesn’t he offer a plan?

And over at The Conservative Conservatory, Dan Collins talks about the demagoguery of the left;

There’s no money.  There’s nothing left to tax that won’t cause greater joblessness.  And those who have built their policy on the idea that American capital was a commodity that would never run dry, in contrast to those precious natural resources that they don’t want us to tap, are arriving at various stages of grief, whether denial (in this case), or bargaining (the Boehner plan).

Among the institutions that have Caymans accounts would be the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has a quarter billion socked away there to escape the American tax system.  And yet, the moment Anders Breivik is rumored to have had connections (which appear mostly to have existed in his demented fantasy) with anti-Islamist organizations abroad, the left resorts to explanations that derive from  the SPLC’s handbook of designated hate-groups.  Mind you, the SPLC at least had the integrity to categorize the New Black Panthers as one of those groups, but Eric Holder doesn’t have to agree with every choice, does he?

And over at AOSHQ, Drew M got a copy of a letter to Harry Reid by 43 GOP Senators signifying that they wouldn’t support his bill;

Dear Leader Reid:We are writing to let you know that we will not vote for your $2.4 trillion debt limit amendment which, if enacted, would result in the single largest debt ceiling increase in the history of the United States. In addition to this unprecedented increase in borrowing authority, your amendment completely fails to address our current fiscal imbalance and lacks any serious effort to ensure that any subsequent spending cuts are enacted.

The plan you have proposed would not alter the spending trajectory that is putting our economy and national security at risk. In return for an unprecedented $2.4 trillion debt limit increase, your amendment reduces spending by less than $1 trillion over the next decade. Setting aside the $200 billion shortfall between the CBO scored savings and the $2.4 trillion debt limit increase, identified by the Congressional Budget Office, most of the proposal�s alleged savings are based on a false claim of credit for reductions in war-related spending that were already scheduled to occur. This amendment proposes no change to our military posture and, for that reason, these savings are the sort of widely ridiculed accounting gimmick that breeds cynicism about our ability to tackle our fiscal challenges. The only possible justification for a $2.4 trillion increase in borrowing authority is to allow the President to avoid any accountability for these issues before his 2012 election. It is by constantly putting off these tough decisions that we have found ourselves with a national debt nearly equal to the size of our gross domestic product. The time for action is now, we cannot wait until we accumulate another $2.4 trillion in debt.

For all of these reasons, we must oppose your unprecedented $2.4 trillion debt limit amendment. Given the nation�s enormous future spending challenges, it would be irresponsible to give the President this unprecedented additional borrowing authority without requiring the enactment of significant spending reductions and reforms. We urge you to abandon this reckless proposal and instead pursue a more responsible course of action that would rein in spending, reassure the financial markets, and help promote private sector job growth.

And Drew goes on to say;

The hold outs are exactly who you expect…Brown, Collins, Snowe and Murkowski.

Hell, I could have told you that. Those RINO’s always vote for the liberal position.

The House is voting on the origianl Reid bill (which the Senate hasn’t voted on yet) and they’ll kill it.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid is on the floor whining that the Senate has the filibuster. Durbin is now doing the same thing. This is the new Democratic tactic…bitch about the filibuster. This of course could have been dealt with in January. They didn’t want to change the rule because they want it in place when they are in the minority.

So we’re pretty much nowhere.

As you can plainly see, we have a fucked up mess in Washington D.C. right now and I don’t see it getting any better for the foreseeable future, or at least until November, 2012.

Update; Hey, what would a post about the redhot mess in D.C. be without Bob Belvedere’s literary prose over at TCOTS;

On 30 Arafat [old calendar: ‘July’] in the Year Three, Anno Salvator, Julius Obamacus Nero Caesar [formerly: Barack Hussein Soetero-Obama] Anti-President of The United States Of America, Fearless Leader and Duce [Dou’che?], Lowerer Of The Seas, Defender Of The Islamic Faith Cult, Apologist Of All That Is American, Sovereign Of The Stimulus, Healer Of The Earth, Duke Of No Nukes, Sovereign Restorer Of Images, Messiah Of The Lay-Abouts, Sovereign Organizer Of Communities, Duke Of Alinsky, Sovereign and Most Honourable Provider Of Health Care, Grand Poohba of the Most Venerable Order of Narcissists, Financial Adviser-In-Chief, Physician-In-Chief, Linguist-In-Chief, Personal Trainer-In-Chief, Supreme Spiculate of Spite, Lord Of The Food Stamps, Defender Of The Debt, Earl Of Tantrum, King of the Irony Throne of the Seven Kingdoms in The Game Of Drones, etc., spaketh to the peoples of his realm the pablum of putrefying purulency in his weekly address to that no one watcheth, butteh the shut-ins.

In that address [which I dare you to get through], our Fearless Leader did his usual whiny, stinky pants dance and, of course, blamed the Right and the Republicans for all the problems that afflict our economy and for kicking puppies and kittens.

The intrepid Stacy McCain does the dirty work for us and actually listened to the whole thing [he’s resting comfortably is stable, but serious, condition and is expected to make a full recovery — sort of (you’re never the same)] and, in a move that, had he done this on the battlefield, would have gotten him The Congressional Medal Of Honor, lays in the sunlight Comrade Obamnin’s whole strategy and the tactics he uses to fight against Truth, Justice, and The American Way.

6 thoughts on “The F#@ked Up Mess In Washington D.C.

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  2. There is one other way to look at the situation. Boehner sends a bill to Reid and Reid rejects it. Boehner sends another one and Reid rejects it also. After the third bill from Boehner, Reid sends one to the House and they reject it.

    Now comes the screw you America…They will combine the Reid bill and one of the Boehner bills and send that to Obama and he will sign it.
    Obama will get everything he wants.

    Dr. Tickles

  3. Hell, the American people have been bent over holding their ankles waiting for the royal screwing ever since Obama was elected. Get the Vaseline ready. We’re gonna need some lubrication. Thanks for your comment.

    Mike G.

  4. An excellent summary of this world class cluster-F. The best thing Boehner could do now is withdraw the second useless bill and stand by the original cut, cap and balance bill. the Republicans then should sit back and fold their arms. Their job is done.

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