We Did It, We Have To Fix It

This is a comment I left on another blog. I thought it might make a good post.

Folks, the problem as I see it is that both parties have pretty much screwed the American people for the last few decades. All of us are to blame for our apathy – our grand Parents, our Parents and Us. If we had paid even the slightest bit of attention to what was going on and believed in the tenets of the Bill of Rights and Constitution instead of just paying it lip service, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now.

And it’s not like we haven’t had any warning, either. People like Bill Buckley, John A. Stormer, Barry Goldwater, Eugene McCarthy, ect. all warned us of the encroachment of Socialism into our body politic, our education system, the news media and Hollywood. For crying out loud, look what we have in the White House and his choices for cabinet positions. Some of our ‘greatest’ leaders were responsible for this travesty.

The Tea Party is the greatest thing to happen to American politics since the American Revolution. They have brought into focus the very serious problems we have in D.C. as well as in state and local politics. The Tea Party is trying to change our perspective of politics from the top down, but in reality, we also need to change it at the state and local levels as well.

There are things we as citizens can do to effect this change and I’m sure you’ve probably already heard this from other more important bloggers and commenters. Get involved at the local level. Campaign for your candidate of choice, talk to them and get a feel for their positions on the issues of the day.  Try and become a precinct captain. A position like that will give you more access to the candidate and will allow you to have some input into what the person campaigns on for election.

I’m just an old Carpenter with a PHD in the school of hard knocks so take my rant for what it’s worth.

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