A National Sales Tax? Are You F#*king Nuts?

Smitty links Ace who thinks a National Sales Tax might be a good idea. Personally, I’m in favor of a Flat Tax. We can do away with the cumbersome IRS or at the least, streamline it significantly since everyone will be paying the same percentage of tax on their income and there won’t be a need for all those tax collectors. That way, everyone has skin in the game and might be more sensitive to the whole government as nanny providing all things to all people.

Ace toys with the notion of a national sales tax. Let’s put it like this. Once upon a time, a certain uncle had too much crap. He had houses, boats, cars, furniture, businesses, sweethearts, the works. Managing all the crap was a significant burden, with all of the insurance, maintenance, travel time, licensing, paperwork, &c. Finally the guy breaks down and buys a computer. Simplifies matters. All of information required to manage the large collection of crap gets automated. Streamlined. Woo hoo.
Did the guy, Sam, let’s call him, benefit from this? Why, no: no, he did not. All of the time freed up by the information technology was spent on new crap: planes, bikes, extreme sports equipment. This was because Sam did not have an information management problem; Sam had a crap problem.

Hey, I’m a tool nut. I collect antique and vintage woodworking tools, plus in my work as a carpenter of some skill, if I do say so my self, am always buying the latest new tool that’s supposed to make the job easier. I’m inundated with crap tools just like Smitty’s friend ‘Sam’.

3 thoughts on “A National Sales Tax? Are You F#*king Nuts?

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  2. I suggest you pull your head out of your ass and first learn the fine print about Fairtax. I offer — and I am serious — 50,000 dollars to the first person who can show me fairtax research that proves a 23% personal retail tax would be revenue neutral.

    There is no Fairtax research at all. I don’t mean it’s flawed or inconclusive, I mean there IS none. Hidding goofy shit in your fine print (Like a tax on New York City government of 8 billion, 3 billion in advance, and a tax on the state government of Texas of 12 billion, 4 billion in advance) is not research. That is hiding shit.

    Hiding shit is not research, so my 50K is safe.

    As far as a flat tax — remember this. The devil is in the details, and frankly, most of you lunatics can’t read fine print any better than you read the fine print in Fairtax.

    Some of the same con artist and liars who tried to push the goofy Fairtax tax are pushing the “Flat Tax”

    Here is a clue for you clueless dump asses. Just because they give something a name, has nothing to do with the fine print. Too hard to grasp?

    The Flat tax proposed by Newt a few years back, and by CATO and others, is not even flat. Flat as Pikes Peak. Flat as Dog the Bounty Hunters wife. Flat as the Eiffel tower. Flat as — you get the picture, right? It’s not flat. It’s the opposite of flat.

    But these liars know people are stupid and they are right. Call it flat and you luantics believe it’s flat. Sheep. People are sheep.

    If you had a real actual flat tax, where everyone paid alike, watch the folks at CATO scream like pussies. A leverage buy out hedge fund, paying taxes exactly like the self employed roofer? They would soil their pants.

    A hedge fund operator paying taxes exactly like the small business owner with three employees struggling to make payroll? They would cry like babies.

    So they float this idiotic “flat tax” — but do you know one of the “details”? Hell no you don’t know, frankly you are too stupid to know. You don’t read the fine print.

    In this “flat tax” proposal, they want NO tax, I mean NO TAX WHATEVER on their income. They want all taxes paid by someone else.

    And they call that flat. And you sheep believe it’s flat.

    That is how devious these con artists are, and that is how stupid you are, who buy into it.

    The devil is in the details. Remember that. And remember these liars who name plans pick a name — almost always — exactly the opposite of what it really is.

    In other words, pull your head out of your ass.

  3. Actually I’ve looked into all the tax revenue schemes. What’s apparent is that the progressive income tax we have now with the 16th amendment isn’t working. When fifty percent of Americans don’t pay any income tax at all and expect the rich to carry the rest of the country, something is wrong.

    The fair tax is a consumption tax or point of sale tax. It would more equitably spread the tax burden and catch some of the fringe elements that are now below the radar. The main problem with this tax is what to do about state and local sales taxes.

    The flat tax is just what it says it is, a flat tax rate across the board for any income above the poverty level. If you don’t make above the poverty level, nothing changes for you.

    Of course, neither of these tax revenue schemes can come to fruition until the 16th amendment is repealed.

    Thanks for your comment, but please consider the language in your next comment.

    Mike G.

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