The Other McCain Still In Fly Over Country ( Iowa)

On the Scene in Iowa.

Stacy’s still in fly over country doing his best to get the stories back to us about the GOP Presidential candidates’ latest escapades as they hunt for votes in the Ames Straw Poll coming up in a few days. We need to give him all the help he needs to get the job done, so hit his freakin’ tip jar.

Stacy thanks you in advance.


Michele Bachmann’s Iowa campaign HQ is right across the street from Cain HQ. Her bus was preparing to depart for an event in Dexter.

While Bachmann was on her bus tour, four other GOP hopefuls — Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Thad McCotter — were speaking last night at a local Republican dinner in Tiffin:

Reflecting the stakes of the straw poll, Santorum told the Friday night dinner crowd of about 400 activists the event would narrow the field and he urged them to give his struggling campaign a boost. He accused the media of ignoring him because he would be the strongest GOP candidate.

Let’s hope that Santorum’s rivals have the necessary sense of irony to appreciate that claim.

My next byline will be filed from somewhere on the road. My plan at this point — and plans may change en route — is to spend tonight in Sioux City, 200 miles west of here. Herman Cain’s bus tour begins Monday in Sioux City, and his advance team is arriving there tonight.

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