Went To A Garden Party To See Some Old Friends

Rick Santorum’s Iowa Barn Party.

Stacy McCain is keeping us continuously updated on his fact finding trip to Iowa. And we sure do appreciate it. I know he would appreciate it if you hit his freakin’ tip jar. Stacy has pictures up and more to come later.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/embed/rFugRFKqjFg“>

Rick Santorum just finished doing a “barn party” here at the home of Scott and Susan Hurd. While I have no firm estimate of how many eligible voters were in attendance, I can state officially that the number of kids was ginormous. Lots of big home-schooling families showed up – families with seven, eight, nine kids. Santorum is traveling with his own family of seven kids, so the super-size families certainly seem simpaticowith the former Pennsylvania senator.Also in attendance was local Republican Rep. Steve King, who introduced Santorum. The candidate spoke for nearly a half-hour and then took questions. I’ve got video, audio and notes, but that will take time to process, and I’m blogging this from a McDonald’s beside the I-35 exit and just want to get up a quick post with a few photos. Santorum noted that he has visited some 51 different cities in Iowa, with more than 100 stops. He spoke about the need to repeal ObamaCare and – in response to a question about foreign policy – gave a splendid account of Obama’s failures, going into some detail about Honduras. (How many candidates have you heard talk about Honduras? How many of people even know how Obama screwed over Honduras?) He was quite impressive, and I very much agree with Santorum’s complaint that the media has unfairly ignored his candidacy.

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