Fear and Loathing in the Airport Lounge: The Final Wisdom of My Iowa Journey

Fear and Loathing in the Airport Lounge: The Final Wisdom of My Iowa Journey.

You got to hand it to Stacy McCain of The Other McCain. He went to Iowa to report on the Ames Straw Poll with a one way ticket and the hope that his readers would like his reporting enough to hit his freakin’ tip jar enough so he could make it back home.

Is it too early to float the prospect of a “brokered convention”? Yeah, I know: That’s every political journalist’s fantasy, and therefore I’m probably engaged in wishful thinking. But if none of the top-tier candidates can score an early knockout, it is entirely feasible that none of them will arrive at Tampa with enough delegates to score a first-ballot victory. And I’m not ruling it out at this point.

Prognostication is way above my pay-grade, of course. Those of our readers who hit the tip jar to fund this trip were paying for reporting, and I hope you got your money’s worth. In the space of a single week, I filed six articles for The American Spectator:

42 bylines on TOM and six for American Spectator for a total of 48 articles on the doin’s in Iowa this last week. That’s in addition to the other posts throughout the week. That’s some serious writing folks. There’s a lot of people out there making a whole lot more money for a whole lot less reporting. And as Sergent Joe Friday used to say…nothing but the facts. The five “W’s” of reporting is what we got from Mr. McCain.

Having been to Hartsfield a few times, I can sympathize with Stacy.

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