HEY!…It’s Our Anniversary

Phoebe53 (Leah) and I have been happily wed for twelve years, so it’s party time. (By the way, what’s the gift for twelve years?) Please visit her blog and give her(and me) a happy anniversary wish.

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42 thoughts on “HEY!…It’s Our Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary guys! Congrats on 12 years 🙂 John and I just celebrated 2 years this week as well. Did not know our anniversaries are so close together! The traditional gift for 12 years is silk. More modern would be pearls or colored gemstones. All of the above sound very nice! Hope you guys have a wonderful day today. Love you both ♥

    • He already bought me pearls a couple of years ago and I wear them every day. When he comes home from work I have dinner on the table and am wearing a dress, frilly apron and my pearls. Just call me June Cleaver! 😀

      I knew your anniversary was in August but thought it was after ours. Happy 2nd Anniversary to you and John and may you have 222 more.

      Love you!

  2. Well now – that explains all the links. Honestly, I was going to ask you if you had a huge crush on Phoebe. Guess you do! heh


    Phoebe – hold out for diamonds.

    • My dear Jan, prefers gold too…
      You lovely ladies… do prefer gold; but hey…!

      “Let us not be too particular. It is better to have old, second hand diamonds than none at all.
      – Following the Equator, Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar”

  3. Phoebe – gold is good, too…

    My hubby doesn’t get it. Once I said something about wanting a new gold chain. He looked at me and in all seriousness said, “Don’t you have a gold necklace?” Really!

    Or his other famous line – “Don’t you have several purses already?” He’s a laugh a minute simply because he is dead serious when he says these things.

    P.S. I got the necklace and the purse…

  4. phoebe53 is not new Momma, she is old Momma.

    phoebe53 & Mr. G Guy have 3 daughters, all grown, 5 granddaughters and 1 grandson.

    phoebe53 is pretty AND married.

    Might not be “nice” to confuse “olde people” but it’s fun.

    Once again, notice we’re still here partying with y’all. I keep telling Mr. G. that he can’t post because y’all know we don’t have a life. lol That will change when he takes me out to dinner tonight and maybe to a play at the local community theater, I’m not sure I want to go see the play though.

    Adrienne, men don’t get it. Let me tell you about my Valentine’s present one year. It was a last minute idea on his part to buy me a gift so he stopped at the drug store and they just happened to have their Easter stuff out so he thought I would really love this $3 ceramic egg house nightlight. He was wrong!

    In all fairness though, he has been known to stop on the way home from work and pick me flowers, side of the road, people’s yards etc. lol

    Thanks to all of you who have wished us Happy Anniversary.

  5. OK, Olde Momma…

    I now understand where Mr G. has acquired his “sense of humor” he has…it’s from association with “olde Momma” by osmosis!

    That is so absolutely cool…!
    Does anyone but me, still use…”cool”…?

  6. Thanks to all the well wishers. As Phoebe(Leah) said, McDonalds was great and so was the Netflix movie we watched.

    It was supposed to be dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack and then a night at the Community Theatre, but car trouble precluded the ninety mile round trip.

  7. “Happy meals taste just like lobstah when you’re in love.”

    WOW…Mike, what a great lady…
    She’s definitely a “keeper”…!

    “Happy Meal” and NetFlix…whatah, GREAT DATE…when yer in LOVE…!
    Your a real TREASURE, Leah…!

  8. phoebe53SWMBO She Who Must Be Obeyed… and I just returned from lunch and COSTCO; where we just purchased a new Samsung 15.5 inch laptop, for SWMBO with the advice of our son who is an IT professional. We also bought a bottle of Chardonnay to christen the new computer…

    I wonder if that will affect the warranty..?

    Takes all the pressure off the Geezer when you have an expert in the family…

    Yes, dammit I did “buy that” … “Happy Meals” thingie…Ain’t love wonderful…!

    Hugs, Gramps sends…!

  9. You’re not going to break that bottle of Chardonnay over the new computer are you, cause then you’d have to start all over again with a new computer and a new bottle of Chardonnay? That’s like something straight out of Jack Handy’s random thoughts.

    Can’t imagine why it would affect the warranty since the warranties are usually worthless anyway.

    Sorry hon, didn’t mean to do a “gotcha” on you but it just seemed to be too easy to resist. lol

  10. Hey Leah…

    Here’s a little Cajun, creole song just fer you and Mr. TMG…
    “Toot, toot”…is a term of endearment “my all”…”my everything”… There is nothing derogatory involved…

    It sort of grows on your mind and in your heart…you’ll luv to play it…!

    Jimbo sends best regards…!

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