How I Pimped My Teenaged Daughter

Teen Model’s Parents File $28 Million Lawsuit Over ‘Salacious’ Crotch Photo.

To be honest, words just fail me. WTF were this young lady’s parents thinking? Here’s what Stacy McCain had to say;

Has the world gone completely insane? Pole-dancing classes for 7-year-olds, 12-year-old bikini models, academics trying to de-stigmatize pedophilia and now this:

Clothes store Urban Outfitters is being sued for using sexually suggestive pictures of a 15-year-old model on some of its merchandise.
The ‘salacious’ images, taken in March 2010, showed the girl — named this morning in the New York Post as Hailey Clauson — with her legs spread in a provocative pose.
Her parents are suing photographer Jason Lee Parry, Urban and two other stores for $28 million damages, claiming they did not give permission for the photographs to be used on T-shirts and other apparel. . . .
It is also claimed that Mr Parry – who specialises in topless shots – agreed never to release the image after a complaint from the girl’s agent at the time.  . . .

Read the rest. The photo in question has been online since April 2010, and the lawsuit doesn’t seem to be generating sympathy from commenters:

Please… she should sue her mother for being on the set and allowing her to be posed this way. She has many other over the top sexy pictures so what… she is going to sue every photographer for her choices.

As if this is her most provocative picture? Mommy & Daddy have pimped out their child for far worse, they are suing becasue they are not getting any money from the sales of the shirts with this image, spare us the decency line, as if you know what that is!

I’d like to say I’m amazed that crap like this goes on, but sadly, I’m not.

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