Give Us Back Our Fu@king Money, Fed Thief

Least Shocking 1.2 emTera/emvolt Discharge Ever: The Federal Reserve Is A Conspiracy Against The Public.

Well, us taxpayers are getting the royal screwing. (Hit my Amazon button to buy the Vaseline.) The Federal Reserve has been loaning taxpayer dollars to big banks at an alarming rate, all at zero or near zero percent interest. I heard this on the Bob McClain show this afternoon, but missed the link for corroboration of the numbers.

According to what I heard, banks like Stanley Morgan and Citigroup received loans of over a Trillion dollars each, as well as loans to foreign banks. We’re talking about our money – To the tune of Sixteen Trillion dollars – enough to pay off the National debt and then some.

What I’d like to know is…when are we going to get our fucking money back? Rick Perry is right…Ben Bernanke has committed Treason against the United States. Here’s what Smitty had to say;

Now, I love my country, the Constitution, and its symbols; however, the level of global deceit involved with the Federal Reserve is such that I will agree: Americans have a substantial reason to be ashamed over this. This blog calls on all GOP Presidential candidates to estimate the number of shotgun shells they estimate it will take to put this zombie down, in the name of all that’s decent.

It is time to End the Fed.

Anticipating Bernanke’s kiss-my-rebuttal, he’d probably say that we want him on that bank, we need him on that bank. Bunk. This is a man, in a long series of men, on a policy bender, cheerfully deciding that what we all need now is a little more hair of the bitch. If Bernanke wants to stress test his wallet, that’s his prerogative. If our government fails to protect my wallet, and that of my children, then my government is illegitimate, unrepresentative, and debased.

It is time to End the Fed.

The Creature from Jeckyll Island will celebrate a century of undead, anti-Constitutional existence in 854 days, as of 22 August, 2011.  Of the two conferences in the American Political Football League that have perpetuated this monstrosity, the GOP is relatively more likely to step up to the [expletives go here] plate and finalize the Fed.

It is time to End the Fed. Come to think of it, 1.2 teravolts would probably vaporize the Fed nicely.

Phoebe’s Detention Room also has a link to more info on this.

Update; Here’s an article on the criminal actions by the Fed…the Sixteen Trillion Dollars in loans.

And another one from Business Insider.

And another article about this massive screwing of the American taxpayer. Is your Ass sore yet?


2 thoughts on “Give Us Back Our Fu@king Money, Fed Thief

  1. And only 1 Republican candidate for prez is talking about this–Ron Paul–who the media swats at as if he’s annoying.. I agree. The Fed never should have been established and before it puts the US out of business once and for all, it needs to be abolished.

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