RSM Channels Paul Krugman…Or Something.

Let’s Cut The Superstition Out Right Now.

Stacy channels Paul Krugman…either that or he went off his rocker and allowed the “Krugster” to sully his blog space with a guest blog. I’m hoping it’s the former and Stacy will return to his right mind soon.

Here’s the questionable post in it’s entirety;

Guest post by Friedman Walsh Kleinkrugman

The mere hint of a 6.0 earthquake in Virginia, and the Washington Monument cracks and suddenly every bitter bitter clinger out there goes wild connecting dots between the natural event and current political events.

No one is saying that this is an act of God, that this represents a symbol of judgement upon the current Administration. Silence that Mene, Mene, Tekel u-Pharsin talk. No one understands your ancient allusions anyway, Bible geeks.

Running around spouting that the ghost of George Washington himself was sited, astride the winged spirit of Nelson, buzzing the monument with a mattock in his mitt, and striking a blow of defiance over the shambles the 44th President has made of the office into which he breathed life, is not helping anything.

Nor does saying that the seated effigy of Lincoln, keeping eternal watch on the monument from his seat, did nod approval for this symbolic gesture. These rumors do not improve the country’s economic/spiritual/constitutional crisis in any way.

We can also be reasonably sure that the statue of Jefferson in the monument by the 14th Street Bridge did not touch a fist to its mouth and say ‘*cough*Jackass*cough*’ in derision at either the President or that prevaricating boob cluttering the office of Vice President. That YouTube clip was just a clever stunt.

The rabid over-reaction from the Tea Parties is a national disgrace. We must tackle the problems besetting the country with a keen eye, a clear mind, and steady bowels. Giving place to the dribblings of drunkards brings shame on us all. Like Representative Maxine Waters said: “Go to help”.

That’s what she said, isn’t it?

(via Memeorandum)

Of course, maybe I missed the whole point entirely and it’s a superlative piece of satire.

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