Another Obama Touted Company Goes Bankrupt…Figure The Odds

Obama Helping the Rich Get Richer.

So Obama and his Energy Department loaned this solar panel company in California a half a Billion dollars for solar panel construction. And Obama went to the factory and made a big speech about how they were the wave of the future. Well, as has other companies that Obama has visited and promoted, they went bankrupt and us American taxpayers are out the cash as well as 1100 workers being out of a job.

I had just read their business plan…make the panels for six bucks and sell them for three bucks, meanwhile China is making them and selling them for around a buck and a half…dammmmmittttt…that must really suck to be undercut by the Chinese.

If you’re a liberal who thinks Republicans are corrupt pawns of Big Business, and who thinks that Democrats are the party that cares about the poor, isn’t it time you WAKE THE HELL UP?

Investigators Probe White House
Role in Massive Energy Loan

House investigators said they have uncovered evidence that White House officials became personally involved in an Energy Department review of a hot-button $535 million loan guarantee to the now-failed California solar company Solyndra. . . .

If the praises of high-ranking Obama-administration officials were a viable business plan, the solar-panel maker Solyndra would be an industrial juggernaut. . . .

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