All Aboard Obama’s Bullet Train To Bankruptcy

From Gator Doug, the video of Sarah Palin’s speech in Indianola, Iowa. I was mildly impressed. Here’s a rundown on the high spots;

Sarah has a bonifide working man’s plan.

Empowerment of small business and the people.

No more politics as usual.

Reduce government, enforce the tenth amendment.

Repeal Obama care.

Reduce burdenson regulations

Prioritize spending, reform entitlements. entitlement reform is our duty, but we must take care of people already in retirement.

Skewed priorities by this government…threaten to stop writing checks to our seniors and troops, yet they won’t miss a paycheck.

We have the means to be a energy super power…domestic energy production.  drill here drill now.

Stop kowtowing to foreign leaders and dictators.

Doing these things will bring real jobs instead of Obama’s fairy dust.

Make America the most attractive country in the world to do business in. We have higher corporate taxes than China or Cuba.

Eliminate all federal corporate income  taxes. Eliminate corporate welfare(subsidies)

Hopey-Changey didn’t create one job in August…real hope comes from us, the people.

It’s not his fault…tsunami in japan, atms, the tea party…everyone else but him is to blame.

We won’t tell the leftists to go to hell…We’ll use time tested economic principles

We’re blessed to be born the heirs of freedom.

We’re the most exceptional nation in the world’s history.

3 thoughts on “All Aboard Obama’s Bullet Train To Bankruptcy

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